Bulgarian Night

Folkmusic is a lively expression of the culture it is derived from. The folkmusic as its culture itself is open to new influences and continues to develop throughout the centuries. In this context Balcanic folkmusic, especially the Bulgarian, is most impressive. Under the influence of Trakian, Greek, Slavonic and Osman culture Bulgarian folkmusic has developped into a music tradition that is amongst the most complex and diverse in the world. Via Nova has collected songs, dances and choir works from different regions of Bulgaria.

Following their credo of exploring new ways the quartet has made arrangements of folkmusic for modern percussion instruments. Besides the demanding metrics with its 7/8ths, 9/8ths, 11/8ths, 13/16ths and 15/16ths bars the biggest challenge is the expression of the enormous emotional bandwidth of this music on instruments as marimba, xylophone or vibraphone. The quartet also uses traditional folk instruments, e.g. the tapan, a Bulgarian drum that hasn't changed its design and use since 200 A.D. This mixture made of innovation and tradition, virtuosity and musical sensibility has earned jubilous ovations from audiences and critics all over the world. The Süddeutsche Zeitung Munich simply says about it: „fantastic, witful, explosive“.